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iate product of the cloning procedure
IV. humanity or mankind in the sense of the human species as a whole(10)

• This position is mainly based on three ethical considerations

1. Cloning is an asexual mode of reproduction, which is unnatural for human species: It is ethically wrong to clone an embryo without biological parents, basically a mere creation of technician and allow it to be born as an absolute orphan.
This will lead to generation lines and family relationships to be distorted.
Any child born as a result of human cloning is entitled to enjoy the same health outcomes as others. However, the cloned child will suffer from discrimination due to circumstance of birth or heritage

2. Human cloning limits the lottery of hereditary, this is an essential component in ensuring that each individual begins as something that has never existed before

3. Cloning creates an instrumental attitude to humans, therefore people will exist to serve the purpose set by others. When cloning is used in this fashion dignity is undermined in two different ways
I. First a clones right to a life coarse will be violated by others expectations. As Expectations of their lives will be constantly shadowed by constant comparisons to the life of the original. For example . If parents lose their children to a tragic accidents, there is a great possibility they can return through cloning
II. Secondly if the cloned individual does not behave in the expected manner as behaviour is not shaped by genetic makeup will hence disappoint others and their expectations

In conclusion
The recent success in cloning animals has sparked fierce debates amongst scientist, politicians and the general public about the use of cloning humans. Sir John Gurdon, the British developmental biologist whose research cloning ever since 1950s claims human cloning is under research and will be applicable in years to come. However, The Australian government, in agreement with most other countries is...

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