Clothes Make the /Woman?

Clothes Make the /Woman?

“Clothes make the man/woman?” Essay

So in everyday life how many times have you looked at person weird just because of the
clothes that are wearing are different form yours. Clothes don’t make the person but as a
person of society I know that we classify people by what they wear. There are many
subcultures today with distinctive styles of clothing. These groups all tend to stay with each
other and not branch out to other groups. This paper will concentrate on how Goths, SKA
Heads and Preps are characterized and how they tend to have certain jobs in America.

Gothic people are usually easy to spot out of a crowd of people. They are wearing black
on black, long flowing garments and jewelry with various religious emblems. Some Goths
have excessive piercings, tattoos, and their hair is often jet black. Members of the gothic
subculture have been described as Satanists and drug addicts. But the real description of a
gothic person is one who is an avid fan of a music subculture that started in the late 70’s
around a music genre called Goth rock. In America we tend to shy away from this subculture
for fear that we don’t understand or just don’t trust them. The media have incorrectly
associated the Goth subculture with violence but the Goths are usually not supportive of
violence, but rather are tolerant to it. With the type of clothing they wear, they are left out
of the highly visible jobs and places that interact with people on a normal basis.The people
associated with Goth subculture tend to be artists - not only musicians - but also painters and
photographers. Ask yourself how many times you have been greeted by a Goth at Wal-Mart.

The classifications of the SKA Heads subculture have been happening since the 1960’s. A
skinhead is a member of a subculture that originated among the working class youths in the
UK. The appearance of the skinhead in America originated in the hardcore punk scene in the...

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