Cloud Computing and Security Risks

Cloud Computing and Security Risks

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Cloud Computing and Security risks: Current Situation

Today, many research workers are skeptical when it comes about the security risks associated with Cloud Computing. Many of them distrust the security of applications when stored in the cloud.
This kind of skepticism about cloud computing actually arises due lack of education. But, handling the vulnerabilities properly can reduce the risks to a minimum. Here is the importance where the cloud-computing providers have a duty to inform their customers about the appropriate security measures.
Factors which can reduce the risk associated with Cloud Computing
* Private versus public Cloud Computing:  Previously, we already said about Private cloud. It is quite obvious that, Private Cloud will definitely have reduced security risk, especially when it served by standard companies like Rackspace.
* Proper administration of VLAN : The major security loop whole can arise from improper security measures. This point is exactly the same that we have written in the article on Major Disadvantages of using Server Virtualization Technology. The VLANs are completely isolated from each other. Someone might have bad intentions, so the switch itself, should not be accessible to others.

Businesses are rapidly adopting cloud computing solutions in order to save money and improve their overall operational efficiency.  However, security risks and privacy concerns are issues that could outweigh the advantages by far should unfortunate situations come to light. 
IT security teams must go above and beyond to ensure the best security and privacy practices of prospective cloud services.
Peeking into the Cloud Infrastructure
Elements such as data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity are all key areas that must be considered when opting for a cloud computing solution.  And while a customer’s stored data gives the service provider potentially valuable marketing data for future reference, it could also result...

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