cloudstreet happiness

cloudstreet happiness

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The theme connection refers to how both families living in Cloudstreet gradually unite throughout the novel and link together. It also relates to how people find connections in certain things such as Sam and his gamberling/ belief in luck and Oriel’s connection to her belief in god (At some points, this connection is stronger, and at some points weaker).

(How) Characters or techniques theme is explored through.
Fish and his spiritual self: Fish connects to himself through his spiritual self and other bodies such as the pig. He is always trying to find himself and to become his true spiritual self

Quick and rose through marriage: this marriage creates a bond between to the two estranged families to becoming one family and releases the horror connected to the house through their intimate relationship.

Dolly and men: believes that love is connected to sex. The only way she can feel loved and to obtain attention is though sex.

Wax harry and the two families: concretes the connection of the two families through the complete joining of the Rose and Quick which is ultimately the two families combining.

Indigenous people and the house: the tragedy and suffering that went on in the house to the indigenous girls is felt in the house by the family and is always present until rose and quick move back into the house. The indigenous man is able to feel the presence of the suffering in the house and cannot stand to be in the house of which was horrific for his people.

Fish and water: water is where Fish wants to become his spiritual self as it was where he was lost. The family has to tie him to a tree to stop himself from going into the water which is where he desperately want to go and drown to become himself once more.

Quick and fish and guilt: Quick is racked with guilt over Fish’s tragic accident who he believed it was meant to happen to him and forces Quick to leave to see if he can find his true self which...

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