CMGT 441 Entire Course Material

CMGT 441 Entire Course Material

CMGT 441 Entire Course Material
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CMGT 441 Week 1 DQ 1,
Discuss what makes a successful information security awareness program and how a security awareness program can be one of an organization’s most powerful protection strategies,
CMGT 441 Week 1 DQ 2,
As you know, every company should have some security standards and policies. What are some of the policies that your company has to protect its system and data?,
CMGT 441 Week 2 DQ 1,
What’s data value mean? How does a company determine its data value and based on what factors/aspects?,
CMGT 441 Week 2 DQ 2,
What are some of the security areas that need to be protected? How does the security toolbox concept relate to them?,
CMGT 441 Week 2 Individual Assignment Information Security Paper,
Evaluative Writing Paper – Using various Internet sources, find an article or website on an information security topic that is of interest to you. Prepare a 1-2 page paper evaluating the article or website. Refer to the note on Evaluative Writing below.,

Evaluative Writing—requires students to take a stand on the quality of the material being evaluated. Provide an introduction, and select various aspects of the article or website. Describe each aspect, providing comments on the usefulness,...

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