CMGT 575 week 2 individuak assignment

CMGT 575 week 2 individuak assignment

To: David Ramirez, Executive PM
CC: Alpha Corp.
From: Karen D. Glover
Date: November 23, 2015
Subject: Subproject 1-4 – functional title
Purpose: To supply user and technical training before and during the customer’s event

Roles and Responsibilities: My role is to ensure that the user/technical training is to train help desk employees to assist users at the convention, in the event there is any problems with the computer’s user interface. My responsibility to this subproject is to insure that there are a minimum of technical issues with the computer workstations and software, setup VPN (virtual privacy network), and IVR (interactive voice response) system. In addition my responsibilities include the hiring of help desk advisors and producing a written quick start user guide. To make sure that the work breakdown structure is carried out and to assume any risks involved

Scope Definition: The scope of this subproject is to supply training to help desk employees to assist users at the convention. The training will consist of module and hands on training designed to give the help desk advisor the tools needed to assist the users, as well as, keep records for future training projects. The objectives of this subproject is to:
Train helpdesk employees to troubleshoot hardware/software problems
Produce written information for the users
Setup VPN (virtual privacy network) for training and actual call center
Program a IVR (Interactive voice response) system to handle simple calls
Effective log all issues for future use
The deliverable on this subproject are:
Produce a quick start user guide
Train help desk advisors to troubleshoot user issues
Setup VPN
Setup IVR system
The subproject exclusions are:
No on sight hardware repair
No on sight software troubleshooting
The subproject constraints are
Help desk services limited to convention days

The assumptions of this subproject include the risk of not having...

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