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Advanced Coax Networking


You’ve done everything you can...

and you’re still having problems with your DIRECTV whole-home system.
You’re thinking of giving up... all you want to do is watch TV!! And then the
tinkerer in you takes over and you become obsessed with getting it right.
Does this sound like you? If so, read on... there are some strategies for knowing
what’s really going on with your DIRECTV system and some tools and
guidelines you can use to make your system the best it can be... and know
when you have a problem that needs fixing.

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STEP 1: Identify the problem...

and decide if there is a problem.

The first step in any good troubleshooting scenario is to identify the problem. When
it comes to DIRECTV whole-home, that means knowing exactly what happens in
different rooms. Here are some examples of the kinds of whole-home problems you
might encounter. Remember to try the easy solutions first... they will save you a lot of
The easiest possible step is to reboot every receiver, one by one. Start by unplugging
the power inserter to your SWM for a count of 15, then reboot every DVR one at a
time and then every receiver one at a time. This can work wonders. While problems
with your wiring aren’t likely to be solved with a reboot, it is an easy diagnostic tool
that should be tried before you attempt rewiring or reconfiguring your system. Power
down every receiver and accessory in the system, then power everything up in the
following order:
1. Power up the SWiM
2. Power up the DECA Broadband (Cinema Connection Kit)
3. Power up each DVR, one at a time, and waiting until it finishes,...

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