code of ethics boyfriend

code of ethics boyfriend

Boyfriends in America Code of Ethics
If you want to be the best boyfriend you can be to your girlfriend, read this code of ethics and apply it to your relationship. Guaranteed to make your girlfriend happy, this will then make you happy in return. So take some notes, and good luck, because you will definitely need it!
1. Be faithful!
2. Surprises are a must!
3. Treat her and her family right!
4. Listen up!
5. Compliments!
6. Do not forget important days!
7. Apologize!
8. Honesty and trust!
9. Notice changes!
10. Accept her the way she is!
11. Be protective!
12. Be Courteous!
13. Keep a job!
14. Most importantly- love her like she loves you!

Broken the rules? Here is your punishment…
If you break the rules above repeatedly and do not follow them, you will most likely be broken up with and you will be forced to start over with somebody new. If the rules you broke were not that serious to separate for, be prepared to get the silent treatment, unplugged cable or internet, and whatever else she deems necessary. Girls can be crazy and cruel, but you knew what you got into when you asked her to be your girlfriend. Do better next time!

These rules are a guideline to be the best boyfriend a man is capable of being to his woman. Even if you follow this guideline perfectly, sometimes it just is not meant to be and will not work out. So do not think you were not the best you could have been, head up and move on. 

To have a successful relationship one should follow these guidelines and try to do their best. The one aspect that there is no way of getting around in order to have a fulfilling relationship is chemistry. Without that initial attraction, it is almost pointless to carry on. Initial attraction is what leads to the curiosity of getting to know that other person better and on a more intimate level. Kiss her. If either of you are not feeling...

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