Code on Corporate Governance Practice

Code on Corporate Governance Practice

Appendix 14
CODE ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE PRACTICES This Code on Corporate Governance Practices sets out the principles of good corporate governance, and two levels of recommendations: (a) code provisions; and (b) recommended best practices. Issuers are expected to comply with, but may choose to deviate from, the code provisions. The recommended best practices are for guidance only. Issuers may also devise their own code on corporate governance practices on such terms as they may consider appropriate. Issuers must state whether they have complied with the code provisions set out in this Code for the relevant accounting period in their interim reports (and summary interim reports, if any) and annual reports (and summary financial reports, if any). Every issuer must carefully review each code provision set out in this Code and, where the issuer deviates from any of the code provisions, the issuer must give considered reasons: (a) in the case of annual reports (and summary financial reports), in the Corporate Governance Report which must be issued in accordance with Appendix 23; and in the case of interim reports (and summary interim reports), either: (i) (ii) by giving considered reasons for each deviation; or to the extent that it is reasonable and appropriate, by referring to the Corporate Governance Report in the immediately preceding annual report, and providing details of any changes together with considered reasons for any deviation not reported in that annual report. Such references must be clear and unambiguous and the interim report (or summary interim report) must not only contain a cross-reference without any discussion of the matter.



In the case of the recommended best practices, issuers are encouraged, but are not required, to state whether they have complied with them and give considered reasons for any deviation.


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