code reusability

code reusability

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Code Reusability

PRG 211

I’m going to explain why Reusing codes can be a very efficient process to speed up program designing and usage. I will first tell you about an example of a program that I use that recently used this process in there development. Serato is a company that develops software for Djing off of a computer they have been around for a very long time with a program called scratch live. Which in order to use you had to buy one of their interface units. Which during that time was great, but as with all things it has changed and evolved. Many Dj’s are using digital controllers that control things on screen via usb with no need for Vinyl or CD players. Because of this they created a whole new program that was more compatible with these types of equipment. Although it is a new program it fundamentally does the same exact thing at the core of this program. To play songs, Control Bpm’s, Keep songs in proper order, and many other basic functions. Now there original program did this so they just brought it all over as everyone liked this interface already and is the standard for the industry. Then added all of the new functionality on top of what was already built in the first place. Many Company’s do this and rarely start over from scratch on projects. It’s because people are already comfortable with the functions to saving time by using the same code from something else to save time and having to recreate code that can be redundant through a lot of programs. Another thing Company’s will do is higher a third party company for the lesser and more redundant coding for a program so there designers can work on the more important parts. Doing this type have thing has been dating all the way back to 1968 with Bell Laboratories a man named Douglas Mcllroy came up with the concept of making reusable components for programs. A great example of this would be the software library. Another thing that programmers do is...

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