Survival Guide

Using Educational resources
These are the following tools, resources, and items that you will need to remember on how to use and apply because they are invaluable tools to help you through the school year.
➢ Audio Appendixes- these are great when you don’t have the time to read the articles assigned to you in class. *
➢ Digital Stories- these are also a great resource because rather than having to read which is something I really don’t like doing I am able to take my laptop with me and listen to these stories on the go in my car. *
➢ Plagiarism Checker- Absolutely do not forget about this one because you do not want to be accused of plagiarizing some else’s written work. This can be a very helpful tool to ensure that you written work is your and yours only. Also just a reminder that this is a good tool but just as anything else it is not 100% it’s more like 99.9%.
➢ Writepoint- This tool here provided by Axia is also a tremendous help because if you double this up with you basic spell check the two united as one can be a very lethal tool to write a top notch paper.

* Remember to bring your audio cable when you bring you laptop so that you can plug it into the audio jack in the car.

Upholding Academic Honesty
Remember that academic honesty is something that needs to be upheld on both parts from yourself and the from the school side. Remember to use your tools and resources properly and there shouldn’t be any problem with being able to uphold you academic honesty. If you should have to question what you are writing then stop and use your tools. You have been upholding your academic honesty up to this point so don’t let me down.

Setting and Achieving Goals
You have always been good at setting your goals and getting you priorities straight. Lets do the same for school so that you don’t fall to far behind and have to try to play the catch up game at the end of the semester like you kind of did for this semester....

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