Cold War Period

Cold War Period

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Cold war is a period in which there was political,economic,cultural and military competition and struggle between the United States and Soviet Union or Eastern cominist block and capitalist Western block.

After the world war second, all of the people over the world had worried about the chance of war between east and west blocks.fear of nuclear weapons made people nervous, and states tried to join one of these blocks.there was no hot war between these two blocks but both blocks are tried to destroy each other in lots of points such as cultural, economical, and so on…

USA and some of west European countries which had big damage in second world war established a common military unit against USSR. The name of the unit was Nato which established in 4 April 1949 by USA, England, France, Belgium, the Netherland, Luxemburg, Canada, Italy, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Portugal.

On the other hand,socialist countries wanted to establish a common unit.Firstly,eight countries came together in warsaw and they signed warsaw pact.(Albania, Rumanian, USSR, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland,Czech and Hungary).the most important reason why these states signed the Warsaw pact was due to the increasing in Nato’s military and arming activities.

Tension between two polars didnt finish until 1980. Relations of these two blocks increased more and more after 1980s and important agreements about disarmament were signed by them.İnstead of aggression,cooperation and peace became main issue between two blocks
USSR accepted defeat at the end of 1980 because of the economic and politic issues.after this news lots of people in Germany broke down the Berlin Wall and this action was the symbol of collapsing of communism and end of Cold war.

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