Cold War Russia's Government

Cold War Russia's Government

I researched Russia and how the government changed from before the cold war to during

it and after. A lot has changed through Russia’s history with governmental issues from the end of

World War II to after the Cold War. Before and during the Cold War the government of Russia

was run by Joseph Stalin and after the end of WWII Russia was focused more on dominating the

countries that they freed from Nazi regime. He was also fearing of an attack of the Western

border of Russia due in part because of attacks on that border throughout history. So to keep that

border safe he wanted to overtake many Eastern European countries to essentially from a barrier

which was later known as the Iron Curtain. This takeover of the Eastern European countries

along with the wanted expansion of the communist party lead to the distrust of Western countries

which ultimately lead to the beginning of the Cold War between Russia (USSR) and the United

States. During the beginning of the Cold War Russia was instilling the communist mind set in

countries like Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Albania

and by 1948 all of these countries had communist governments. Russia controlled all of these

countries through trade agreements and troops being stationed in the countries themselves.

During the Cold War Yugoslavia was dismissed from the Cominform (Communist Information

Bureau) which was a group of all the Eastern European Countries that were under communist

control and Russia’s government due in part to their leader Josip Broz Tito not bowing to

Stalin’s control over them. So in response to this Stalin took an active role in helping other

countries run their government so he would not lose these countries to leaders that didn’t want to

fall to Stalin’s control. Stalin with his health deteriorating in the early 1950's handed more power

over to his subordinates than ever before, and in...

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