Cold War - Tyricho Washington

Cold War - Tyricho Washington

Cold War Ideology and Policies

Tyricho Washington

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Niccolina Mariconi

September 14, 2008

During war time, the United States and the Soviet Union (Russia) were unified together against Germany and Japan. Consequently, the United States and the Soviet Union (Russia) didn’t trust each other. Even during war time there was a lack of trust. When the United States shared information with Great Britain, they kept that information from the Soviet Union. When a wall was built to separate East and West Germany, the United States and Soviet Union separated. Afterwards, the United States began helping with reconstruction of West Germany.

In addition, many believe the atomic bomb was implanted to keep the Soviet Union from gaining power over Japan. Also communism became a serious problem to the United States. When they thought they would lose China during the Chinese Revolution because of communism, it led to many different wars. The United States were trying to prevent communism from spreading. However, the cold war caused many countries to become enemies of America, especially China and Russia.
During the 1940’s to the mid- 1950’s, the cold war changed America’s foreign policies forever. Before World War II, Americans stayed out of the way of international affairs. They only dealt with affairs within the states. However , when the war was over, the United States changed it’ policies on foreign affairs. It decided to help with the rebuilding of Europe. Furthermore, after the cold war, it was a turning point for regarding international foreign policies in the United States.


Ch. 27 in the test Nation of Nations 

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