Colgate Palmolive

Colgate Palmolive

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Table of Contents

Managerial Summary 3

1.0 Problem Identification 3

2.0 Market Analysis 3

3.0 Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning in the Toothbrush Market 3

3.1 Segmentation 3

3.2 Targeting 4

3.3 Positioning 5

4.0 Marketing Mix '' 4Ps 6

4.1 Product 6

4.2 Promotions 6

4.3 Price 7

4.4 Place 7

5.0 Conclusion 7

Appendix A '' SWOT Analysis 8

Appendix B '' Consumer Segmentation 9

Appendix C '' Value proposition of Precision 9

Appendix D '' Volume Growth 9

Appendix E '' Cannibalization Effects 10

Appendix F '' Profitability Analysis 11

Appendix G '' Advertising Strategies for Precision 13

Managerial Summary

In August 1992, Colgate-Palmolive (CP) was poised to launch a new toothbrush in the United States. At that time, CP offered two lines of toothbrushes '' Colgate Classic and Colgate Plus. Colgate Classic was positioned in the “value” segment, while Colgate Plus was positioned as a higher-quality product in the “professional” segment. This new “Precision” toothbrush now faced a highly competitive market with substantial new product activity in the emerging “super-premium” sub-category of toothbrushes.

The objective of this report is to present the optimal positioning and marketing mix of the new product in order to fully utilize the new product’s potential. After thorough research and analysis, our recommendation is to target the niche “super-premium” segment, with an option to eventually move towards the mainstream segment when a new and improved product emerges. Emphasizing on “Precision” by branding it as “Precision by Colgate” also serves to differentiate the product as a niche super-premium toothbrush from other Colgate toothbrushes, as well as to reduce cannibalization on Colgate Plus and Classic.

1.0 Problem Identification

CP’s new “Precision” toothbrush faced a highly competitive market with substantial new product activity in the emerging...

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