Collecting and implementing employee feedback on new technology
September 1, 2015
Employee Feedback on New Technology
Employee Feedback on New Technology

Introducing new technology to the workplace can be a daunting and difficult process. With multiple employee opinions, technical issues and more details to arrange than employees, there are always problems that will arise. The largest of these is the successful collection and implementation of employee feedback on the new technology, whether it be a new computer system or a new way of recording timesheets. When employee feedback is collected and implemented, however, the new systems put in place will have a much better chance of running successfully.
Carefully articulate planned changes

Before any change in the workplace, be sure to schedule an email or memo to be sent to the company’s employees regarding the change. This will keep employees from being surprised or upset by the change, and give them a chance to voice their original concerns or comments on the new technology. To avoid an overwhelming amount of opinionated responses, consider adding a line to the email instructing employees to hold their comments until a set date after the implementation of the technology.
Offer times and channels for employee feedback

During the process, make the employees aware that their opinions will find their way to the executives. After a set amount of time has passed, allow employees to complete a survey regarding their thoughts on the new system.
Make employees feel heard, but do not become overwhelmed

Although responding to each individual comment is not necessary, consider sending another email or memo in the weeks following the new technological change addressing the most common concerns. Thank employees for their feedback and ensure them that any necessary changes will be made.
Communicate the timeline for changes and allow ample adaptation time

Once the introductory period has passed and...

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