Collective Behavior- Fads People Follow.

Collective Behavior- Fads People Follow.

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It’s so funny to me how some things just kind of take over the world. Well that’s what happens when there is a new fashion fad. It’s like the whole world is overcome with this one thing. Something like a new fad takes a hold of all the weak minded and traps them into it. You get all swept up and start thinking you need whatever is popular at the time. You start to go where ever your crowd is going and do what their doing.

When fashion fads become popular they are the only thing you can be seen in. People all over can be seen in whatever is popular. You start to see it everywhere; all over the media and on every street corner. But at the same time something’s can only be small fads. Like if you live in a small town; whatever might be popular there; may not be popular in Los Angeles. Everywhere you go something is always different in the fads people have.

When you are in a crowd it always seems that whatever is in; is what you should follow. And that’s the way many crowds feel. Stuff like certain fads always make big news in small crowds. If you haven’t noticed it has to be followed the way it is in the media. Because it seems like any other way is not right the way. These crowds give into things so easy because it’s what everyone else is doing. Never really paying attention to what they may look like or how the may seem to others.

Media makes a massive deal out of fads and turns all of our attention to what is or is not in. no matter how hard you try somehow you always end up pulled in to these kind of deals. All the attention put on small things like; who’s wearing what; and what’s in style puts a lot of pressure on people. Most of the time all the media attention goes a little overboard; making the unimportant things shine over the important.

However some things are also left unnoticed when it comes to certain fads. Like I said before when living in a small town you may have a bunch of little unknown fads to the outside world. Because of maybe where...

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