college athletes

college athletes

Persuasive Speech Outline

1. They are two academic sources (book, academic journal) and one popular sources (magazine, newspaper). Remember, this is just a minimum. You can use more than this amount. You must also include your sources within the outline of your speech (in-text citation) where you will use it (intro, body, conclusion) and to ORALLY cite your source during the course of your presentation (refer to handout on how to orally cite sources) NO WEBSITES!
2. This is an example of a persuasive speech outline. While some parts have more than one sentence, this is NOT a manuscript to memorize. Your responsibility is to construct an outline with as many key words and phrases that you will adapt to three note cards (your speaking outline) and then prepare you to extemporaneously deliver your speech. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!
You must remember to staple your outline. Include your name and date.

Introduction: (audience analysis)

Attention Getter: Small anecdote: Imagine with me, not being able to locate a street on a map or not being able to read a newspaper article. What if you weren’t able to fill out your own background information on an application?

Thesis: Illiteracy is a major problem in America and we as citizens can help solve this growing problem just by volunteering our time.

Relevancy (build audience interest by connecting its relevance): 38% of Kosciusko County residents are illiterate. This is just in our small community.

Credibility: Since I became involved in a tutoring program in high school, the problem of illiteracy has been a passion of mine.

Preview: During our time today I want to discuss three aspects of illiteracy. First, the actual problem of illiteracy, second, common causes why people are illiterate, and lastly, I want to discuss some of the programs available to help illiterate people and how you can get involved to solve this problem.


I. Illiteracy is a much larger problem than...

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