College Athletes

College Athletes

 My 2011 Basketball Summer

Brandon Knipp
August 24, 2012
English 8-1

Ok, so this year I had the greatest summer ever. Here’s what I did: Basketball and Disney World.
Now I am going to tell you specifically what I did. We got up at 2:00 in the morning and left for Florida. While on our way we stopped in Tennessee and Kentucky and Georgia. In Kentucky I saw Rupp Arena. That is where the Kentucky basketball team play there games. Then we stayed in Georgia at a so called haunted hotel so I was kind of scared. Then we finally were there Florida at last!
After we got settled in at the hotel we went to Universal Studios. The first ride we went on was the log ride. I was holding on the handle bars really tight because I don’t like things that go straight down. So as we got in, another log came down and the water splashed so high that all of the water came down on us and made the handle bar wet. I was thinking now what? The handle bar was so wet I couldn’t hang on it. So as I thought about it we went down. “AAAHHHHH!!!!!” I went down with a weird face.
Later that day we went on another ride called the Tower of Terror. The Tower of Terror is a ride that you go up und you go freefalling down. Creepy. So we rode on it and I honestly just past out after the first up and down. I don’t remember anything after that.

Then it was Tuesday. Game day. In the morning I was getting pumped then as we get in the car I forgot my shoes. “Mom, stop I forgot my shoes.” I hurried to get them. When we finally got to the arena we looked to see who we played. We played the South Carolina Pirates. That game I had 14 points. We won 63-31. Easy as it was our next game was against probably the best team in the country the Indiana Ice. I had 6 points. We lost 72-49. Now we were done for the day and we went home in the loser’s bracket.
The next day I was hoping we would play a Fairly easy team and sure enough I was wrong. We played the Ethridge...

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