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College Essays

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College Essay #1

The economy is in a spiraling downfall, which continues everyday. This makes it hard for students like me, to be able to afford their continuing education. Jobs are difficult to find, and if one is obtainable, it would be of low pay or minimum wage for a student in or out of high school. Our only hopes are scholarships and grants.
I realize I won’t have much or any help from my single dad and relatives, except for small post-high school gifts. My father is already helping my sister who is in college, as well as paying for medical bills for all three of us; my sister, dad and myself. My dad has to pay for his medicine which includes prescriptions for panic attacks and other nervous anxieties, including medicine for his spinal cord and lower back area. He had got into a car wreck in late 2012, which caused $17,000 in damage; he completely totalled his car and suffers from chronic pain. He doesn’t have much money left from his other medical and hospital bills from his aneurysm in 2002, which he had to have brain surgery for and stay in the hospital for one month. He pays for my sister’s schooling as well as her medications. My sister goes to Iowa Western Community College and suffers from bipolar disorder and ADHD. As well as my sister’s medications, my father has to pay for mine as well; I take Paxil for my own panic attacks and anxieties.
We live in the basement of my grandparents’ house because my dad had become bankrupt in 2006 and was not able to pay for his own housing any longer. I would just like to say that I know I am one of thousands of high school students looking for financial aid in college, but it is nice to know I have the opportunity to be considered for a scholarship and the chance to have a bit of help from people who had once been in my position long ago.

Thank you for your time, I truly appreciate it.
Sincerely, Melanie Mathiesen

College Essay #2

McDonald’s- Cashier
May 2012 thru December...

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