College Football Playoff Proposal

College Football Playoff Proposal

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The NCAA must introduce a playoff system in Division 1A College Football because the current Bowl Championship Series has too many flaws. The flaws in the current college football system have left teams, coaches, and fans begging for something to be done. Within this proposal I will discuss the current issues with the BCS, the biased judgment between the ranks, and the solution that will make everyone satisfied.

How it Works
The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is the current system used to determine the two teams that play in college football’s Division 1A National Championship game each year. It consists of four bowls that rotate yearly to host the national championship game. The four bowls are the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, and Orange Bowls. There has been great debate over the effectiveness of the Bowl Championship Series playoff system since it was introduced in 1998. The system takes into account polls of both Associated Press writers and coaches, polls from seven computer ranking methods, number of losses, strength of schedule, and whether or not a team has beaten other teams in the top ten. This combination of computer selections and human polls determine team rankings and narrows the field down to two teams which play in the BCS National Championship Game.

BCS Flaws
The BCS system has been consistently unfair to both teams from small and large conferences. One major problem with the system is how it has taken away the chance for undefeated teams and smaller division conference champions to get an attempt at the National Championship. During an interview of a NCAA college football enthusiast on the flaws of the BCS he stated, “Yes, I believe there are quite a few problems with the current BCS system. It favors larger conferences so even if a team has lost a few games they can still make it to the National Championship, where and undefeated team from a...

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