College Research

College Research

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One of the major steps you'll encounter in this life is higher education. Once you finish high school, you either want it or you don't. Far too many young people decide to take time off from academics and end up working in a fast food joint their entire life. Don't let this be your future. Do a little college research and find out what trips your trigger. There's a vast array of majors and programs to choose form. You can try your hand at international schooling, or keep it simple and acquire a degree here in the states. A University is worth the effort. College life is not only about homework, exams and stress.

I can't help but laugh at my teenage daughter. I had a quick chat with her this morning regarding college life. She basically started last winter at a community college. At this point she hates her classes, she despises the homework, and all the running around drives her nuts. Now, I may have to come to the conclusion that she's either lazy or unmotivated. I prefer to go with the latter. What she need is to do is some college research and find out which University she wants to transfer into. This can make all the difference. I vividly recall my two years at a community college. It was a bit drab and mundane. But, once I got into the University I'd applied to, things got better from there. Suddenly I was able to live on a real campus, get involved with University activities, and make plenty of diverse friends. It was a blast to say the least. I actually miss those times. However, it took some college research before I found the college I needed for the degree I wanted. Most people can tell you that different Universities offer different programs. While one may have the exact major you're looking for, another might not. I encountered this plenty when reviewing their websites.

Your ideal major is crucial. So when you doing college research, think about your major above all. Find out which Universities offer this particular program and which are highly...

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