College Years

College Years

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The college years are the best time in person’s life.
1. Introduction
2. Statements thesis
3. Body paragraph
4. Conclusion

I’m going to write about college years in person’s life. Why everybody love to recollect college years and talk about it the way these years were the greatest in one person’s life. Some people think that college years are the happiest time in their life. Practically every adults used to have a lot of fun during college education. They used to have parties every night and have great fun. They didn’t think about work, money, family. They were free in their actions and didn’t have any obligations. And which is the most important they were young and have all their life in front of them. So almostly all people are agree with this statement. Talking about me, I also have the same opinion. Because in college you are grow-up enough to understand what’s going on and still very curious to discover something new. Young people desire all the world and they are sure they can get what they want and exactly when they want it. They are open for love, life and all new things and feelings. Usually they haven’t to pay for they life. And they are content with even not very good living conditions. Also especially in college young people learn how to live and to act in society. They are in the beginning of the most interesting game – life. And they are positive that they will handle all problems and get to success and prosperity. Of course for some people college years turn a nightmare because of taunts and mockeries of other students. But it’s just a period of time that can become a useful practice for the further life. So I’m with people how think that college years are the best time in person’s life.

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