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The two colleges that I would choose are The University of Chicago and Valsparso College. The University of Chicago has a high graduate rate. They accept people regardless of race or color. The University of Chicago academic envroment inspires students and scholars to ask key questions. The college teaches students not what to think but how to think. The University of Chicago inspires and trains an individual to be ready to change the world. The University of Chicago inspires and takes good care of thousands of people. Everyone on the campus is always involved in doing something productive and for the community. The students work as a team to make a stable learning environment and help students fulfill their requirements. The University of Chicago also has very strong and determined athletic teams. They play to represent their schools as a whole. The college is also very diverse accepting people from different places, religions, cultures, and much more.

On the other hand, the Valparaiso University is made up of a selective and independent Lutheran institution in Indiana, an hour drive from Chicago. It is a private institution, and it is very selective with its process. The Academic Program is very open, and it has more than 70 majors. The athletics are also very competetive, and they want to represent their school at its best. Furthermore, the students work together to achieve something, and that is why their graduation and degree rate is so high. The University works as a team, and even though it is a selective process it is still open to whomever wants to try. The campus is a beautiful place that has enough space to spread the education within each other.
Overall, both the colleges have similaraties and differences that are worth while. The University of Chicago and the Valparaso University are both different and similar in many ways.

If I had to choose one college it would be the university of chicago. The first reason I would like...

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