Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer

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Lesson 3 Project

Colon X-ray seen as effective at spotting cancer

An x-ray alternative to the dreaded colonoscopy confirms its effectiveness at spotting

most cancers. This less intrusive option could persuade more people to get screened for

colon cancer. The X-ray test’s real value may be in showing who really needs a regular

colonoscopy. It is better at ruling cancer out than it was at detecting it. Colorectal cancer

will claim about 50,000 live this year. Screening is widely recommended at age 50, to

find growths before they turn cancerous. The CT colonography, also known as virtual

colonoscopy is a super x-ray of the colon that is quicker , cheaper and easier on the

patient than traditional colonoscopies. It too requires the bowels cleaned out.

Colonoscopies cost up to $3,000. The x-ray test costs $300 -$800 most insurers don’t

cover it so far, but Medicare is considering it. Unpublished data from the new study

already helped persuade the cancer society and others to put out guidelines in March that

added virtual colonoscopy and a stool DNA test to the recommended group of screenings

for colon cancer. The x-ray tests are not as good at colonoscopy at detecting flat growths

on the colon wall that are more likely to be cancerous than the more familiar knobby

polyps. Virtual colonoscopies are currently recommended every five years, but expose

people to repeated doses of radiation. This exam is half the dose of a standard

CT exam and the cumulative effects are not yet known. Colonoscopy is only

recommended every 10 years. The effects of radiation, should not be a concern to rule

out CT colonography as a screening test.

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