Colonial Explorer - John Smith

Colonial Explorer - John Smith

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John Smith
• Early adventures
• Virginia Colony
• Voyage
• Site
• Encounter with Pocahontas' tribe
• Smith’s leadership of Jamestown
• New England
• Authorship
• Credibility as an author
• Promoter of American colonization
• Additional Works
• John Smith Monument,New Hampshire
• Portrayals in film

Captain John Smith, after an early portrait bySimon de Passe, 18th century
Captain John Smith (c. January 1580 – June 21, 1631) Admiral of New England was an English soldier, explorer, and author. He is remembered for his role in establishing the first permanent English settlement in North America at Jamestown, Virginia, and his brief association with the Virginia Indian[1] girl Pocahontas during an altercation with the Powhatan Confederacy and her father, Chief Powhatan. He was a leader of the Virginia Colony (based at Jamestown) between September 1608 and August 1609, and led an exploration along the rivers of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay.

His books and maps may have been as important as his deeds, as they encouraged more Englishmen and women to follow the trail he had blazed and to colonize the New World. He gave the name New England to that region, and encouraged people with the comment, "Here every man may be master and owner of his owne labour and land...If he have nothing but his hands, he industrie quickly grow rich." His message attracted millions of people in the next four centuries.

Early adventures


Statue at Historic Jamestowne
John Smith was baptized on 6 January 1580 at Willoughby[2] near Alford, Lincolnshire, where his parents rented a farm from Lord Willoughby. He claimed descendancy from the ancient Smith family of Cuerdley[3] Lancashire and was educated at King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth, from 1592–1595.[4] After his father died, Smith left home at age 16 and set...

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