Columbine April 20th, 1999

On April 20th, 1999 the world watched in horror as one of the worst school shootings in history unfolded. Eric Harris and Dylan Kleboid killed 13 people and injured over fifty. Eric who was 18 kept a journal about his everyday thoughts, problems and ideas. There is were the police found out what provoked the massacre that would occur. Eric’s journal was riddled with thoughts of murder and pain. On one page Eric had written ideas on how to hijack a plane and crash it into New York City. Dylan considered suicide in his writings, saying that he just doesn’t fit in and why does he even exist.

One of the biggest myths of columbine is that Eric and Dylan were trying to get revenge on students who bullied and picked on them. Eric had written about killing people for years before the massacre. They decided to attack columbine because it was a convenient place. It was full of unarmed and un aware people. Most psychologists believe that if it wasn’t a school it would have been at there place of work. Eric and Dylan were trying to be remembered with some of the most savage people in history. Timothy McVeigh and Attila the Hun were sum of the people that wished to be remembered with. Eric’s writings were mostly hate towards anything and everyone. He hated everything from blacks and Christians to the WB channel. (You know what I hate? Star Wars fans: get a friggin life, you boring geeks. You know what I hate? People who mispronounce words, like 'acrost,' and 'pacific' for 'specific,' and 'expresso' instead of 'espresso.' You know what I hate? People who drive slow in the fast lane, God these people do not know how to drive. You know what I hate? The WB network!!!! Oh Jesus, Mary Mother of God Almighty, I hate that channel with all my heart and soul.")

Months before the shooting Eric and Dylan attented many gun shows to find out what would be the most effective. Eric purchased a 9mm carbine and a Tech 9. Dylan...

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