Com 130 Final

Com 130 Final

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Abstract 4
Introduction 5
Background 6
Benefits and Job Description 7
Conclusion 9
Appendix A: Instructions for Career 10
Appendix B: Occupational Survey 11
Appendix C: Summary of Live Presentation 14
References 15

In today’s world, information technology or IT for short is becoming intertwined with business. IT is becoming the backbone of today’s industry, running such things as servers, desktops, laptops, and PDA’s to name a few. The network and computer systems administrator designs, installs, and maintains a business’s computer system. A business network usually consists of desktops, printers, and scanners connected to a central server. They use software programs that are specific to individual departments; accounting will use accounting software, management may use spreadsheet software and so on. These systems, or networks, are maintained and monitored by computer system administrators.
System administrators also work with management and staff to make sure the system is catering to the companies needs. They will make repairs and adjustments as needed to ensure each system is meeting the organization’s goals. This may require the administrator to work with other specialists like the analysts, programmer, and technician. So you must have good...

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