Com 150 Survival Guide

Com 150 Survival Guide

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GEN 105 Student Survival Guide by: Sean R. Decker

As an Axia College Student enrolled in distance learning, I have learned a great deal in the past nine weeks that will be valuable while I earn my college degree. The following information is compiled to be used as a student survival guide; it will serve as an item I may resource throughout my educational experience and program. In this guide the following subjects will be covered: using Axia’s educational resources, upholding academic honesty, setting and achieving goals, managing time wisely, fostering reading comprehension and retention, and applying personality and learning styles. Axia College has a few online educational resources available to the entire student body to use 24 hours a day. Three resources that I believe to be incredibly valuable are the availability to down load and save files in multiple formats, the University Library and the ability to identify key information within articles. All course material such as books and videos are available for download in different formats. The material can be saved on a computer or flash drive as audio files that can be saved to a portable device for use.
I used a program called A-Tube Catcher to download some of the on line content and convert it to a MP4 format to put on my IPOD, so I could listen and watch it anytime. The University Library was a little difficult at first, after using it a few times it was easy to master it and get research information that I needed. The library is located on the main page after logging in, click on the word library and you are in. A general search in the University Library located on the upper left hand side to get an idea and feel for the site. The library may also be used to check work by turning in a paper to get looked at by the center for writing excellence.
Upholding Academic Honesty

Upholding academic honesty is very important and learning Axia’s policy on this is very crucial....

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