Com/156 Final

Com/156 Final

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Renting an Apartment is a Better Option than Buying a Home.

By: Elizabeth Shultz
Axia College

I am here to give my opinion of why I think that renting an apartment is a better option than buying a home. I will give facts to my audience that will help support my opinion. With the information that I provide my goal is to persuade my readers to my way of thinking.
Renting an apartment is very cost-effective compared to buying a home. Renting at this point in time can make life easier for me in the future. Every American wants save money. By purchasing one’s own home, the homeowners ‘ are simply going to be throwing money away for the first five to ten years because most of the monthly payment goes toward interest during that time. People think that renters are simply throwing money away, but in all reality they are saving money by renting. When a person is buying a home there are several costs involved, such as a mortgage payment, homeowners insurance, and any fees associated with buying a home. Many fees are associated with owning a home, such as possessing the money to pay for any maintenance fees and repairs. As a renter I do not have to worry about any of these costs. If something happens to break or a problem needs to be taken care of, I can simply call my landlord and it will be their responsibility to correct the problem or fix the situation.
When renting an apartment, I do not have to worry about the long-term commitment that goes with buying a home. As a renter, if I decide that I no longer wish to reside at my residence, I can simply give my landlord a notice. After I have given my notice to leave, I can simply pack up and move somewhere else. When purchasing one’s own home, it is not that simple. If they wish to move they must put their house on the market, and wait for someone to buy it. Being a renter allows me to have flexibility in my life. I am not required to stay in one place for an extended period.
The thought has...

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