Com/156 Week 3 - summary

Com/156 Week 3 - summary

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Media Violence Research and Youth Violence Data: Why Do They Conflict?. (2004). Retrieved from
The source of media violence and youth violence wrote by Cheryl K. Olson. Although the author is not affiliated with an organization related to youth violence and media, she is co-founder and co-director of the Harvard medical school center for mental health and media. She is also part of the psychiatry at Harvard medical school and Massachusetts General Hospital. The article reports information Cheryl has found by performing studies on patients. The information was published in 2008 but was updated in 2011.

The article repots that Cheryl K. Olson ran several different types of test on many different patients she then reported the information from the studies. I find the article to be a good source of information and creditable. I feel this will be a good source of information for my final project because it explains and reports violence with youths and media. I also feel this will be a good source because the author has studied in the field and also gives other sources for all her information. The article also tells readers about the test and findings that was performed on youth’s behavior.

The source of the impact of media violence on children and adolescents written by Eugene V. Beresin, M.D. The author is not affiliated with any organization based on violent youth and media. The author is a director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training at Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital. The article reports on information the author found by examining his patients. The information was published in 2010 and has not been updated yet.
The article reports that Eugene V. Beresin M.D. has provided information by studying his patents. Eugene V. Beresin has evidence to any and all claims he has made for this report and other reports he has wrote, the author...

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