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COM 705 UOP courses /uophelp

COM 705 Week 1 Assignment Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay
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• Resources: SPL Essay Grading Rubric located in the Week One Materials section of the student website.
• Review the Electronic Readings Reserve (ERR) articles and the Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership essay grading rubric on the COM/705 course page.
• Write a 700- to 1050-word paper explaining how information literacy influences scholarship, practice, and leadership in a specific profession or discipline.
• Include the following components in your paper:
o Four sources – You must incorporate in-text citations and references from the three assigned ERR articles


COM 705 Week 1 DQs
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What is your intent in beginning a doctoral program? How does this intent fit the scholar/practitioner/leader mode?
As doctoral learners, you have a new responsibility to yourself and those around you; what is this responsibility?
What are the shared values of the doctoral community? How are these values related to leadership behavior?


COM 705 Week 2 DQs
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How do you respond to constructive feedback? What does the ability to receive and integrate feedback say about you as a scholar/practitioner/leader?
What is the difference between summarizing and critically analyzing a text? Assess the quality of your critical analysis in your Week One paper.
Reflect on the feedback from your Week One paper. Based on this feedback, what general strategies would you put in place to help you develop as a scholar? (You will identify specific strategies on your Week Two Revision Matrix.)


COM 705 Week 2 Individual...

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