Com140 Week 4 Checkpoint

Com140 Week 4 Checkpoint

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Week 4 CheckPoint

Some of the reactions that I might encounter when trying to introduce the new service to the committee would be that it is unwanted and unnecessary. They might think that there would be no point in having a new service in the building. I would explain to them that having a food court in the business would make it easier for everyone to get things done on time, and also save money in the process. Having the food court in the building helps to ensure things are done on time because it is in the same building. If someone was to leave the building to get something to eat, they are many threats that might make them late for work after lunch, and many other things. It would also save money because the employees wouldn’t have to leave the building and waste gas driving to get something to eat when it is right in the vicinity of their workplace! (

Some steps that could be taken to ensure that the purpose of my message is delivered to the audience would be to make sure I correctly identify who I am trying to reach. I am trying to reach the committee, and make sure they know how I stand in this situation. The food court would save them time and money also, and it wouldn’t be that much of an out-of-pocket expense to them . It wouldn’t cost much to keep the place up and keep employees working there. Always identify your audience and know who you are trying to reach. State the purpose of your presentation thoroughly so the audience knows what message you are trying to convey without any confusion. Last, but not least, make sure that the audience is on your side when the presentation is finished. If they have a dumb look on their face, see if anyone has any questions and give them complete and thorough answers to all questions they may have. Make your statement and show that you will not back down and make sure everyone on the committee knows that. I am sure they will understand the purpose of your message after that!

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