Combating Violence in Sports

Combating Violence in Sports

Wrting#5: Problem/Solution Essay
Combating Violence in Sports
Yanling Lin (Lauren)

Written Communication Skills IV, Section 4-6
Conestoga College

Professor Janice Cleary
Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sports has become equivalent to violence. In contemporary society, violence in sports occurs frequently in competitions. After watching several American football games, it is obvious that violence is inevitable. However, some possible solutions have been suggested by the public. Through prevention, sports sanctions and criminal penalties, the frequency of violence on the part of players will decrease.
The first possible solution involves having players, parents and coaches sign a code of sportsmanship so that they can be responsible for preventing violence, Also, if participants are aware that their violent behaviours will definitely affect their future career, they will be more likely to behave themselves while competing. The consequences of using violence should be strict enough to deter participants from engaging in violent behaviour. This approach may not be appropriate for contact sports such as ice hockey or rugby.
Secondly, it is possible to solve this problem by holding sports sanctions. For instance, the Tunisia Football Federation has increased its fines for those who commit disorderly conduct frequently. Moreover, the federation has plans of introducing more radical solutions such as the subtraction of one or two points from the ranking of the club whose players often commit acts of violence. Unfortunately, not all clubs have accepted these new regulations.
The third possible solution for the reduction of violence in sports is to set up criminal penalties. Legislation is the most powerful weapon to reduce unacceptable violent behaviour in sports. Applying new sports sanctions can generally prevent violent accidents from happening. However, serious conflicts may arise in competition between the competing teams that may trigger players to act...

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