Come Browns

Come Browns

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crisps and chips to young children

In this essay I am going to be arguing the pros and cons of whether we should give crisps to young children.

Acrylamide is a naturally occurring chemical found in foods with a great amount of carbohydrate when heated and has been in the human diet for thousands of years. In fact it takes up 40% of the American diet. If this is so where is there harm in continuing to give this food to young children? Yes in extreme cases it can cause the child to bee eeoieo oecoeo o o o o j kh h ihi hi hi h ih iu yf yhk l j j hv b mh h fg f jk hb bf gjkj hh v kkj hj gjg j bn n k h jg g k jbn v hnh kh j vn b n b nhv h gh g jk hj ,mn gvh ghkj k hg fcb g kdnj jkg jek ejncome fat but this is the parents fault for not caring for there child more lovingly.

On the other hand Acrylamide has also been linked with cancer of the womb and the ovaries when it is given in big doses for example a bag of chips. So if this is occurring wouldn’t it be the most daft thing to feed it to our young ones? The ones that will inherit the earth in years to come, they won’t be able to if 100’s of chips are being forced down their throat every mealtime just because their parents can’t be bothered to feed them properly.
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