Commair Strike

Commair Strike

Impact of COMAIR strike on the PILOTS
 Wouldn’t receive salaries during a strike and would lose all benefits, including medical coverage. (copied from site pls change)
 Most of their demands were met but not according to their expectation

Impact of COMAIR strike on the COMAIR
 Lost business, competitors took away the customers
 But according to the airline's 1999 financial statement - the last public filing by Comair before being bought outright by Delta — the company had $511 million in annual operating costs, revenues, which in 1999 were about $763 million pretax. These cost and revenue figures are undoubtedly higher now. Therefore it would be incurring some of the fixed cost and making relatively very low earnings. (copied from site pls change)
 At the end of the strike they had to accept the demand of the pilots and had to employ back all the non-striking employees also whom they had fired during the employees

Impact of COMAIR strike on the REGIONAL ARLINES(copied from site pls change)
 regional carriers that have become so vital to the nation's transportation system.
 Future labor relations at fellow regionals probably will be forever changed, with the Comair pilots scoring an unprecedented contract that raises issues about how much pilots are worth.
 the strike has raised questions at major airlines about the worth of owning feeder airlines — as Delta Air Lines does with Erlanger-based Comair.
 what regional pilots are worth and how they should be compensated given the changing face of the regional industry and its new reliance on bigger jets over smaller turboprops.
 regional pilots now can try to create contracts that allow them to make regional flying a career, and begin “pattern bargaining,” which means each local branch will use the previous contract at another airline as a stepping stone. It's unlikely any other pilot group will be willing to accept wages and other benefits less than what Comair got

Impact of COMAIR...

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