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La imaginación a la hora de crear nuevas cosas no para, y más en tiempo de crisis, donde se agudiza aún más para poder encontrar la fórmula para ganar unos cuantos pesitos…
Hoy les traemos una serie de almohadas con formas y funciones curiosas, que no dejarán a nadie indiferente.

Con esta almohada es imposible que te quedes dormido, solo la luz que emite hará que te despiertes.

Almohada novio

Almohada ideal para todas aquellas que están solas, y que les hará sentir como si estuvieran abrazados a su amor.
Almohada novia

Almohada que les permitirá dormir en las piernas de tu novia o novio que siempre quisiste tener.
Almohada piedras

Almohadas que emitan a la perfección a las grandes piedras que nos podemos encontrar por las montañas.
Almohada con pañuelos

Ideal para todos aquellos que están un poco resfriados, o que lo han dejado con su novi@

The imagination when creating new things for, and in times of crisis, which is intensifying to find the formula to make a few bucks ...
Today we bring you a series of pillows with curious shapes and functions, that will not leave anyone indifferent.

clock pillow
This pillow is impossible to fall asleep, only the light it emits will make you wake up.

Boy or girlfriend pillow
Pillow ideal for all those who are alone, and that will make them feel like they're embracing love. Pillow enabling them sleep in the legs of your girlfriend or boyfriend you've always wanted.

The very lonely person’s pillow
by adding two soft, plumb, and friendly arms, we've created a true multi-purpose pillow, offering both head support and human companionship. Now anybody can have a shoulder to cuddle on and a hand to hold every night.

pillow stones
Pillows emitting perfectly to the large stones that we can find in the mountains.

Pillow with scarves
Ideal for those who are a little cold, or you have left with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Our choice?

The very lonely person’s pillow. We love...

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