Commission and Maintenance of Roller Crusher

Commission and Maintenance of Roller Crusher

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How to keep roller crusher in good operation?it is the important to do maintenance of roller crusher spare parts in winter season.Fote Company illustrates several tips for roller crusher maintenance in winter.

On the one hand, we have to check the thermostat in diesel engine cooling system,it can ensure the proper water temperature of roller crusher diesel engine. clear the incrustation of water jacket.prepare the long-term antifreeze which can bear the low temperature 10 degree centigrade below the specified temperature.Watch out the water tank at regular interval,and deal with the mud in it immediately.

On the other hand,that is about the maintenance of roller crusher electrical equipment, Check the wiring of roller crusher engine,improve the charging voltage of generator.braking system maintenance work should be done before the winter coming.

Then, it's about commission of roller crusher. Roller crusher must do the commissioning after installation,then it can be used for crushing materials.Fote company recommends the following details in the commissioning.

Roller crusher must do over 2 hours commissioning in the scene,the temperature of bearing can not exceed 30 degree centigrade when the roller crusher works.the highest temperature is up to 40 degree centigrade. Roller teeth and V-belt should be conducted stable, make sure roller crusher without noise,there are no abrasion between roller crusher.On basis of good roller crusher commissioning,roller crusher can do the load run,and the load run can not be less than 8 hours.

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