Common Interview Questions worksheet

Common Interview Questions worksheet

Common Interview Questions


Q: Tell me about yourself.
I am Creative, Innovative, and have entrepreneurial talent. I’m currently attending Rasmussen College, in pursuit of a degree in business management.

Q: What do you know about us?
I know that your company strives for excellence, and that have a high regard for your morals and values.

Q: What are your strengths? What are areas for improvement?
My strengths that come to mind are, my ability to be a team-player or a leader, also I am a fast leaner, and I’m reliable. I think there’s always room for improve, regardless of how well you think you know your strengths.

Q: What specific skills have you acquired or used in previous jobs that relate to this position, field/industry?
From my schooling I have learned great management skills that I will use in this position.

Q: Describe a time when you had a lot of things to do (work and personal) and talk about how you prioritized you time.
Comparing work and personal life I always put work first, because I believe that you should strive for the best.

Q: Describe the most challenging co-worker, supervisor, or customer service experience you've had and how you handled it.
There was an irate customer at one of my pervious employers, who was upset because he didn’t want to pay the taxes on a purchase he was about to make, I handle the situation by politely escorting him about of the business.

Q: Describe a difficult obstacle you have had to overcome. How did you handle it? How do you feel this experience affected your personality or ability?
When I was younger I was diagnosed with OCD, it was to the point where I had to enter a program. After I completed the program, the OCD was 100% gone, however, it gave me a great trait, which is attention to detail.

Q: What is your short term and long term career objectives? Where do you see yourself 1 year from now? What about in 3 years?
One year from now I see myself ether in a job position...

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