Common Law Problem Solver

Common Law Problem Solver

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Ray Johnson

MCM 3305-01

4 Feb 2009

Case Study

Using Leadership and Improving Staff Morale

Jerry has had a big problem on his hands since taking over as owner of The Call.

His employees are doing their work in a nonchalant manner and are in constant in office

quarrels. Being that Jerry has never been in a leadership position before, he does not

know how to handle these type of problems. There are several things that Jerry can do in

order to improve employee morale and performance.

The very first thing Jerry needs to do is have an office meeting with all of his

employees and discus his problems with the way things are currently going. This will

establish him as a “leader” and let his employees further know that he is in fact the boss.

Also Jerry needs to meet with all the employees that have been quarreling and try to

make a positive resolution. This is very important because the quarrels are diverting his

employees attention from their job and his company has been suffering as a result. If no

resolution can be reached, Jerry must fire one of the employees. This is important

because his company is not worth suffering over his employees personal issues with each

other and also this will further establish him to others as the boss. Maybe it will also scare

them into getting their act together. The final thing I think Jerry can do is sit down with

his employees and have them tell him their ideas on how the paper can be more

successful. This is a good idea because it gives his employees a voice and makes them

feel more important. It can also strengthen the relationship between Jerry and his


If Jerry does these things, I feel that The Call will be a very successful paper.

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