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Comms 250 Word Document

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Miranda Rees James



I currently work as a Cell-Coordinator for Parkin in Llantwit. A typical day for me is to first run a report to show the production figures for the previous day on my allocated production lines and then enter them in a spreadsheet, these figures will then be discussed that morning in the production meeting, this will indicate if everything is running to the schedule I have planned out for that day.

I attend a variety of meetings including a walk around with Management on all my lines to discuss how production is progressing with that particular instrument type, also to see if there any technical issues or part shortages that may cause a problem for further production.

I then look at my plan / schedule for the day and make sure that everything should be on track to the customer’s requirements.
Running a series of reports instructing me what is the priority orders and orders that are required for that week.
I check the customer requirement and look to see if there are any part shortages that we have to complete the order. If this is not the case I raise a works order for the production line to advise them what type of instrument/ accessory is to be build for that requirement.

I also attend to any queries that may arise with the production operatives, including looking on the system to see if a specific part required in stock in our store as it may not be available on the production line.

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