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Good communication skills are vital in the work place. Having poor communication skills can have a very negative effect on the relationships you have with your coworkers, boss or employees. Productivity may even decrease due to not having good communication in your place of business.

When you are working as a team, your company and work relationships will build stronger communication. You have to be able to relate and communicate your thoughts and ideas with others in the work place. It's not just better for you, it's better for everyone.

There are many things you can do to better help in this area, for starters, develop friendships within your work place. These are people that you see sometimes 50 hours per week. It's always better to try and get along and be friendly with people that you see so much of. It will help over all in so many ways. If you are happy at work and enjoy the people that you are working with on a daily basis, that is bound to strengthen workplace communication. Start each day with a firm "good morning" as you enter the building. While working in Texas one manager would shout "Moring El Paso" when he entered the building... That may not be effective for every environment, but it became a trademark of his.

It is almost impossible to give your 100% when you are not relaying and communicating what is going on. You also have to listen and be willing to learn from others. You have to also listen and value others opinions, if you want your opinions heard. Show interest in whatever your co workers have to say. They will be more likely to respect what you have to say in return.

The bottom line is you should always try to be as kind and as courteous as possible at work, but also very professional and confident in your job. Communication and respect goes both ways. If you are willing to make some friendly changes you might be surprised how things change in your work place for the better.

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