Communicating for Distance Education Assignment

Communicating for Distance Education Assignment

If I were in a minor car accident and wanted to communicate a message to my family, friend or classmate
You all won’t believe what just happened to me… I was in a car accident! I am okay but my car is messed up. The accident was not my fault but I am going to speak to my insurance company and see what they can do to help this situation. It sucks because I have no car for work now and most likely will have to take the bus to get to work. I hope in the morning I’m not in any pain and can get up to catch the bus to work. You any of you know where I can rent a car this evening until this whole mess is solved? Because of how smashed up the back of my car is, my truck won’t close lol. OMG I’m so upset about this since I only had my car for less than a year with payments left on it.

If I were writing to an insurance company it would go something like this:
ABC Insurance Company
4800 Covent Boulevard
Seattle, WA 00000

Claim No.: G 765-93
Date of Loss: April 1, 2014

Dear Ms. Smith:
As I informed you by letter of April 3rd 2014, I was injured in an automobile accident with your insured Andrew Williams on April 1st 2014 in Renton, Washington. I was headed west on 19th Avenue and stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of 100th street. While I was stopped, your insured slammed into the back of my car.  The force of the blow threw me forward against my shoulder restraints; I was a little rattled but not hurt. I got out of the car to check for damages and as a result of this incident, my trunk was caved in. I have a small Dodge, and I was hit by a 16 passenger van. I took my car to usual mechanic and they gave me an estimate for $4,478.19 for a full repair. I have attached a copy of the estimate with pictures of the damage

Because of the negligence of your insured, my normal daily life is disrupted and I have had a hard time getting my children to school and practice. As a result, I demand compensation for my injuries and general damages in the...

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