Communication and Consumer Behavior

Communication and Consumer Behavior

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Communication and consumer behavior:
Though there are many ways to define communication. Most marketers agree that communication is the transniission of messagefrom sender to a receiver via a medium of transmission. In addition to these basic four components of communication is feedback, which alters the sender as to whether the intended message was, in fact, received.

The sender:
The sender, as the initiator of the communication, can be a formal or an informal source. A formal communication source is likely to represent wither a for-profit or a non profit organization: an informal source can be a parent or friend who gives product information or advice, consumers often rely on informal communication sources in making purchase decisions because, unlike formal sources, the sender is perceived as having nothing to gain from the receivers subsequent sections.

The Receiver:
The receiver of formal marketing communication is likely to be a targeted prospect or a customer. Intermediary and unintended audience is also likely to receive marketer’s communications. Example of intermediary audience is wholesalers, distributors and retailers, who receive trade advertising from marketers designated to persuade them to order and stock merchandise and relevant advertising in the hopes that they will specify or prescribe the marketer’s products. Unintended audience includes everyone who is exposed to the message who is not specifically targeted by the sender. Unintended receivers of marketing communications often include publics tat are important to the marketer, such as shareholders, creditors, suppliers, employees, bankers and the local community. It is important to remember that the audience-no matter how large or how diverse — is composed of individual receivers each of whom interprets the message according to his or her own personal perception and expertise.

The medium:
The medium, or communication channel, can be impersonal or interpersonal. Mass - media...

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