Communication and Media

Communication and Media

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Communication makes a connection between two persons, this is the process of giving information from a sender to a receiver with the use of a medium. Nowadays the types of the media are very comprehensive / wide. The most important types are the TV, radio, newspaper, internet, telephone or e-mail.
Television (TV) is a widely used telecommunication medium. TV is transmitting moving images and sound. Television is a source of entertainment and news. Nowadays there is minimum one TV in a household, I think, but in a lot of houses there are more than one, because each member of the family has a TV, that’s why the television is a good medium for advertising. There is at least 15-20 minutes of advertisement in an hour. And the films are always broken in the middle. It is very annoying in my eye. But these commercials have great importance for the businesses, I think. Most people recognize the several products from the TV advertisements, and when they go to do the shopping they will know what they want to buy. But of course they buy a lot of unnecessary things because of the commercials. There are two types of TV channels, the public and the commercial. As for me, I don’t really like to watch TV channels, I prefer watching a DVD. Because there are no advertisements, and I can watch what I would like to.
Radio is another type of media. There are two types of the radios, the public and the commercial radio. In public radios there are fewer advertisements and less music, but more news and programmes. However, in commercial radios there are more adverts, more music and fewer programmes or news. Usually the public radios play classical music, while the commercial radios play modern music. I think less and less people listen to the radio, because there are a lot of electronic devices whereby you can listen to music without advertisements. I think of CD players, computers, Discmans etc. I prefer the CD or Mp3 player too.
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