Communication Journal Entry 1

Communication Journal Entry 1

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Personal Communications Journal Entry 1
University of Phoenix - Online
COMM102– Week 1
November 19, 2007


Communication denotes one of the most challenging skills in the human race. Most of the great historical world leaders are excellent communicators. These leaders achieve fame for their abilities to effectively to communicate their goals and ideas. Two of my favorite masters of communication include Ronald Regan and Condoleezza Rice.

Personal Communications Journal Entry 1
Good communication is a process that facilitates strong connections between senders and receivers based on a theoretical foundation. The text, Observational Behavior, defines communication as “the process of sending and receiving messages with attached meanings” (Shermerhorn et al, 2003, ch.16, p3). Similarly, my professional career warrants my usage of many communication modes such as telephone, fax, e-mail, tele-conferences, mail, and face to face meetings. These methods are called channels. By using these channels, the receiver or sender may experience difficulties which can interfere with message processing. The receiver receives, decodes, and comprehends the coded contents; the receivers then responds and gives feedback in the form of an answer or question.
These methods facilitate either internal communications with associates or employees or external communications with clients worldwide. Whether communicating internally or externally effective and open communication is the art of guaranteeing achievement and success in any endeavor.
There are two basic forms of communication: Nonverbal and verbal. Nonverbal communication is the oldest, most powerful method of communication. From the beginning of the human race, nonverbal communication represented interpersonal communication. More than voices or even words, nonverbal communication or body language offers clues about other people’s individual thoughts or attitudes.

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