Communication Manual

Communication Manual

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Marfell Combined Culture Centre Trust

Communications Manual

A Best Practice Guide to Written Communications

Author: Michelle Ross

Release Date: 2 March 2009

Version: 1

Introduction 3
Purpose of this Manual 3
Thank You Letter 4
Purpose 4
Content 4
Template 5
Best Practice Examples 6
Agenda 7
Purpose 7
Content 7
Template 8
Best Practice Example: 9
Project Proposal or Submission 10
Purpose 10
Content 10
Template 12
Best Practice Example: 13
Press Release 15
Purpose 15
Content 15
Template 16
Best Practice Example: 17
Feedback and Support 18
Bibiology 19


The Marfell Combined Culture Trust is a not-for-profit Charitable Organisation which came into existence in 1997. The Trust’s mission is to provide and facilitate general education, craft courses, cooking classes and budget advice for the people of the Marfell Community and the wider community of New Plymouth.

As a Charitable Organisation we communicate daily with people and organisations, both inside and outside our community. Much of this communication is in written form.

The current Board of Trustees has reviewed copies of previous written communications held at the centre. This review has highlighted a number of problems which has prompted a Board of Trustees decision that any future written communication should be uniform in style, content and language.

Purpose of this Manual

The purpose of this manual is to:

• Provide all Trust Members with instructions, guidance and templates for written communications that are easy to use and understand.

• Meet the aim of the Board that all written communication should be professional and uniform in style, content and language.

• Save time and effort for the writer.

The manual has been divided into four sections covering a:

• Thank You Letter

• Meeting Agenda

• Project Proposal or Submission

• Press Release...

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