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Students’ Use of Text Messaging With Friends and Family

Edna L Holt

Arkansas State University

The purpose of this study was to find out how much college/university students use texting to communicate with friends and family. Relatively little research has been completed which explores the exploding use of cell phone text messaging as a primary communication mode in both friendships and familial relationships. This research also explores college students’ use of text messaging to maintain relationships. Quantitative measures were used to determine the frequency of use of text messaging relative to other communication modes such as face to face, email, phone call, social networking and instant messaging.
Relational closeness between relational partners was also measured between research subjects and their friends and family members and then analyzed for correlations with frequency of text messaging to those relational partners. Results showed the use of text messaging to be the favorite and most frequently used mode of communication among students whether communicating with family or friends. Relational closeness was found to be negatively correlated with texting frequency between family members, but was not quite significantly correlated with frequency of texting between friends.
Literature Review
When students leave high school and begin their college life, they undergo serious changes (Dyson & Rank, 2006). Many students relocate to attend universities that are great distances from their family and friends. Students are not only faced with the challenges of maintaining their relationships with family and friends, they also initiate new relationships (Perl & Trickett, 1988; Clark, 2005). While external factors must be considered the student is an “active agent” in their own socialization process in the college environment (Johnson, Staton, & Jorgensen-Earp, 1995).
Face to Face/Phone
There has been considerable work...

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