Running head: Communication 1

Kelly Adair
DeVry University
July 25, 2015

Communication 2
I. Communication is as essential element of helping others. Mutual goals cannot be defined or achieved without effective communication. It is verbal and nonverbal messages exchanged during a relationship to determine the structure and function of interpersonal relationships (2014 pg80).
II. It is always important to communicate effectively. Knowing how to communicate effective and get our point across properly is essential. Not only does human communication convey information and influences others, but “communication is the relationship” (Sunden, Stuart, Rankin& Cohen, 1994, p94). Clear communication involves taking the time as well as listen. Having effective communication as well as involving the patients and family provides continuity of care and prevent error. Most of all, it provided patients and their family an opportunity to ask questions and be involved in care. (Blevins, 2013). Through effective communication we can show what we know or have learned from our readings.

III. Verbal and nonverbal communication are a direct reflection of your intellectual ability and academic proficiency. No one will guess what you want or need if you don’t communicate with them and nothing is going to change if you do not propose a change. Tensions, misunderstandings, and conflicts caused by differences of opinions and interests can interfere with effective interdisciplinary communications and collaboration. Improving patient safety in the hospital requires addressing the current hierarchical professional structure inherent in healthcare delivery. (Lancaster, 2015).
Establishing and developing effective communication is critical in understanding and to change our...

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