Communications Channels

Communications Channels

Communication and Collaboration Strategies

For Different Leaning Styles And Personality Types

Brenda Mack

Instructor: Craig Bialy

July 29, 2011

Learning Styles

In today’s society individuals have different learning styles and personality types.
To succeed as a team, it depends on how effectively the team can communicate and collaborate with each other. To achieve the team goals it is essential too adapt to different learning styles and personalities.
Multiple intelligence is an important factor for the team success. (Noruzi, 2010)
Multiple pathways learning assessment identifies three learning styles that I can relate to.
First, the interpersonal learner enjoys helping other people, communicates verbal/nonverbally, and who understands people. (Gardner, ebook collection)
The strategy that I would use is to discuss pertinent information about the team goals to the learner. The learner will assist with team projects and help other team members resolve conflicts.
Secondly, the music learner. This learner lover to creates songs, dance to melodies and rhythm. Sings aloud (Gardner. Ebook collection. 2010). Strategy for this learner would be to develop a new song that will include class materials. The learner can easily remember the material better.
Lastly, the intrapersonal learner. This learner need quiet time to think, work on projects alone, interested in self-improvement (Gardner. Ebook collection 2010). The strategy I would use to make sure the learner has a quiet place to study and a journal to keep information for team projects.

Personality Spectrum
The team will have different personality types to interact with one another. The three personality types I identify with are an Organizer, Thinker and Giver.
First Personality type is an Organizer. An Organizer is well organized, loyal, honest, and dependable. An organizer can contribute to the teams effectively by organizing materials,...

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